Be Enchanted by Mariposario Jardin Magico (The Magic Butterfly Garden)

Calling All Nature Lovers

Mariposario Jardin Magico is a charming butterfly sanctuary tucked away in the Campo Verde neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX! Amidst lush flora and fauna you will be mesmerized by the presence of over 20 species of butterflies.  As soon as you walk in the garden you will sense the passion and love that the staff and guides have for these delicate creatures and all of nature. 

Mexico is one of only 12 countries that is home to collectively 60-70% of the world’s known species of butterflies; and to make Puerto Vallarta’s butterfly sanctuary even more special, they only house species that are native to Mexico, so as not to disrupt the natural ecosystem.  Additionally, they are committed to sustainability and community outreach!

All About Butterflies

The Butterfly Garden is a guided experience that does not disappoint! I had the pleasure of being guided by Fabian who was was remarkably knowledgeable and so sincerely passionate about both butterflies and the work that Mariposario Jardin Magico is doing for the local ecology and the community. For 35 minutes or so, Fabian ushered us through the world of butterflies from egg to full-blown butterfly and everything in between. Here are a few things I about butterflies that day.

  • A butterfly’s primary purpose is to eat, mate, pollinate, and die.
  • The average natural lifespan of most butterflies is 5 days.
  • After a male butterfly mates with a female butterfly he locks her abdomen so that she can’t mate with any other butterflies.
  • You can tell a male butterfly by his narrow shaped body, whereas the female butterflies have “hips” for child-bearing. LOL!!

Booking a Tour & Getting There

Mariposario Jardin Magico offers a variety of tour experiences that can be booked directly on their website or via Air BnB Experiences. Click the links below to see the options available and pricing.

Getting to the garden is pretty easy. If you have rented a car, you will be able to drive here with no problems. The roads to get there are standard and easily traversed by any type of vehicle. You could also take an Uber or street taxi, which should run you $80-$200 pesos depending on day, time of day, and where you are coming from specifically. Your third option is to take the bus! Since I had booked a tour that included transportation, I met my guide and the meeting spot and we took the bus there. The bus is only $20 pesos/person round trip and its about a 20-50 minute ride depending on where you’re coming from. If you take the bus, you will be dropped off at the bus stop and then you will need to take a short trek down the road to the garden. This was my first time taking the bus in Puerto Vallarta and I was so happy to have a local to show me how. It’s such a cheap (albeit less efficient) way to get around town, so I highly recommend learning how to take the bus.

TIP: Some of the tour packages that offer transportation are really just helping you navigate taking the bus there. If you are comfortable navigating the bus on your own OR if you plan to uber/taxi/drive, you can save about $10 USD/$200 pesos by choosing the tour package directly on their website that is JUST for the basic guided tour. Currently it is $17USD versus $27 for the tour including transportation.

Overall, I walked away from this experience feeling relaxed, charmed, awestruck and full of wonder. This is an awesome activity for solo travelers, couples & families alike! It was a great value and I highly encourage you to support this garden and the phenomenal work they are doing to preserve and educate!

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